Saturday, October 11, 2008

The state of the Film Industry: The rise and fall, fall will rise again.

The industry is changing...dramatically. Indies are not making the making the same impact as they're being swallowed whole by the huge marketing budgets of studio films. The internet has opened up a tremendous marketing channel, but technology has opened the door for so much product the market can barely stand the strain. Those pushing to make their mark in the industry are finding themselves between a rock and a rock. How to break into big budget. Or how to get your name out there in a seemingly endless galaxy of product.

Well I tend to think that (and this is not such a poplar theme in other markets) that the market will correct itself. The music industry went through a free for all (or free fall depending on how you look at it) a few years ago. Did everyone become a hit music artist or producer overnight just because they had access to the equipment and the means to get product out. No. The cream rose to the top. And in some cases sunk very fast. Some of it was of course whipped cream and you know how long that lasts. So I tend to think the same way. Good content will rise, bad will fall and there will be a middle ground in between.

As far as marketing budgets that have ballooned out of control. We need the engine that drives the industry, but the machinery will change over time too. Less money from wall street= less money to compete. The cycle will repeat and indies will rise again. Not that there haven't been great ones that have happened despite the change. A list of fav's will be posted soon.

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