Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beach Chronicles WEVA Expo and premiere

The Orlando WEVA EXPO and the Miami Beach Cinematheque premieres were a tremendous success. If you made it out to the TBC premiere, you would have seen the latest vignette "Dirk Plays and Pays". The story is changing and there's much change to come. What has been seen will be unseen and the chronicles will unfold like dark matter, filling voids and creating questions, laying mysteries and clues exponentially. The next phase of the website is up and the latest vignette can be viewed online. The website will evolve with the story, changing to reveal clues, as there are clues in every facet of the story.

Here are some quotes from attendees:

"Cooler... than Sin City"

"The greatest thing I've ever seen!"

"I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, but I loved this!"

and from the WEVA Expo organizer Roy Chapman:

"Having The Beach Chronicles at EXPO was off the hook...!! TBC's got the WOW factor
built in to every frame. Already got great response. Many thanks
again....All the best for huge success!

We are blown away with the overwhelming response and are even more energized as we prepare for the incredible Halloween event with LEVEL Magazine! There will be
photographs and video from the premiere coming soon and the next vignette "The Order Moves In" will be debuting at the LEVEL magazine Halloween event next month. There are mysteries and clues scattered throughout the website, Facebook, Twitter and even the LEVEL magazine ad, so check them if you can for clues to the story and a mystery contest coming your way soon.

The Beach Chronicles website

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