Monday, September 16, 2013

My thoughts on Syria....Syria into hell or how can we kill our brothers and sisters for money and power.

So I wrote this on Nelson Mandella's birthday but didn't post it as I felt Mandella's birhtday deserved the day to itself. But the Syria situation has been nawing at me since the first transgression against the school children and then the slaughter of unarmed students. And no one is talking about how Assad and his wife were the toast of the world only a few years ago, he the forward thinking bastion of hope for the middle east and she the uber fashionable, British schooled bombshell. And now they move as if there aren't hundreds of innocents being slaughtered, so easily as if it's not a second thought. Franky, I'm disgusted. So here's what I wrote on Mandela's birthday. Sorry Madiba, I know you were all about peace. Maybe it's why it came to mind on that particular day.

I've been following the Syria fall into hell since it began a couple of years ago. I remember fully the steps, first chatter, then a fist, a thrust, a bomb and then a full out civil war which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, property, souls, hearts and minds. And it's the same in so many uprisings around the world and throughout time; Angola, Egypt, Bosnia, the Congo and so many more.  And today, on Nelson Mandela's birthday, South Africa. Leaders by any means push to maintain power by an means, regardless of bloodshed, figuratively and literally. It sickens me the disregard for life, whether the aforementioned battles or the battles of poverty, social and societal differences, disease and the list goes on. Today I read in the New York times that the Syrian war may be shifting to the de facto leader Bashar al-Assad. I just can't see with all of the atrocities committed that the war  would shift back in that direction. Or maybe I don't understand war or politics or battles or death or destruction. Power. Financial or personal is it worth history. When we look back, how will this war look or others like it, or the battle for equality or the hundreds of millions wasted while lives waste away. I guess I'm just  a not as educated as the warlords.

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